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Supporting skills training by PSFU through SDF

The Skills Development Facility is implemented by Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) on behalf of Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The facility supports employer-led short-term training and recognition of prior learning as well as increased access to internships for TVET students.

SDF has co-financed the improvement of existing skills training systems at Rada Shoes for 5 months since march 2020. Rada demonstrated the need for skills improvement to SDF through a formal and fair application and assessment process that subsequently led to a matching grant of about USD12,000 and Rada matched it with USD3,000 as matching fund.

Rada leveraged grant and this led to improved products in quality and cost, as well efficiency in plant utilization. Actual results include creation of 7 new jobs in production and production support, increased output from 100 pairs of shoes per day to 500 pairs per day; positive customer feedback to appreciate product quality and increased access to school shoes by rural school going children.


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