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Rada safety provides industrial long hour workers with a tough working comfort needed for concentration and maximum productivity. Our safety undergoes an arduous quality control process to ensure they reach you in precision. Rada Safety shall resist and at the same time protect you from chemical and acidic work environments and high-risk work situations involving sharp objects, for uninterrupted day’s work thereby enabling you to achieve your company target.


Rada Safety is available in both black and brown colour, for both male and female workers. They can be available in executive designs. Minimum order quantity is 50 pairs.


  • Anti-static

  • Insulated (against heat or cold)

  • Oil and water resistant

  • Energy/shock absorbing-heel region

  • Toe capped for your safety (15,000 N)

  • Penetration resistant

  • Heat resistant-300˚CHRO


  • In addition to the above safety features for men, women have these features for additional comfort.

  • Women’s safety shoes are shorter

  • They are weatherproof

  • Lightweight design

  • Cushioned padding

  • They are Scuff resistant (Pure leather doesn’t peel)

  • Cushioned ankle collar

  • Flexi pure rubber sole

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