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  • Versatile

  • Handcrafted

  • Stylish and dressy

  • Easy to get on and fully padded for your comfort

Why choose Rada?

  • The Rada Oxford is an all-season shoe that will save the day, shine it and it will get that deal done, and also trust it to hit the field and get your demanding manual work done.

  • We design it with extra strength and fully padded on the heel to give you the comfort for 24-hour usage without worrying or even thinking about your feet.

  • Minimum order quantity: 50 Pairs.

  • Also available at our retail outlets.



Don’t waste time fixing it, slip and go close that deal. With cow leather sourced from the Ankole-Masaka dry cattle corridor with some of the finest stretching leather, to make your foot comfortable and lively

The Loafer is then crafted by German-trained shoe experts, assisted by latest technology for precision and class.

The Rada loafer is designed with attention to the smallest detail to deliver the satisfaction of value for money, class, and versatility.

Minimum order quantity: 50 Pairs.  Also available at our retail outlets.

LE Shoes 2.jpg



  • High-level customization

  • Pettiest detail

  • Client design

  • Excessive comfort

  • A deal closer

  • Exclusive luxury- not for everyone.

Why choose Rada?

  • The Rada LE is the limited Edition brand and shall only be available on order. This brand is upscale and a luxury, because it is crafted from the rare most leather pieces of crocodile, a deer, or a cobra.

  • Thee Rada LE is an exclusive brand and shall not be easily available. It is customized to the pettiest detail, just for your exclusive satisfaction.

Casual Gents.jpg


These are designed to help you go about errands easy. They are crafted with extra strength to help you in your hard work, and yet remain suave on your feet.

The buildup system help to give your foot extra stability and yet light enough to give you the flexibility to go about your daily business without worry.

It is well-padded for your safety and simplified, because we believe in a simple life. It is largely available in black and can be available in dark brown.

Minimum order quantity: 50 Pairs.  Also available at our retail outlets.

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