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Rada Shoes Limited (Rada) was established in July 2014 by a team of young people passionate about fashion, and purpose about children’s education. It was established amidst several media reports that most rural children around the country could not go to school due to jiggers.

Rada started from Bweyogere Trading Centre in a single rented room, with basic equipment of textile stitching machine and Katwe made scouring/roughing machine. at this time, the company could manage to make sandals only, and would strenuously make some children closed shoes occasionally making around 14 pairs per day by Bob Kamukama (the then only employee) and Allan Ninsiima (Founder).

At that time, the Founder had invested UGX 3.2 million only (about 900 USD). The business evolved over time especially after the vigorous training from Nile Breweries on Youth owned enterprise growth program called Kickstart.  The program was offered in partnership with Enterprise Uganda. With a grant of 10,000 USD equivalent of 35,000,000 UGX. Life and business at Rada, under the leadership of Allan Ninsiima changed. 


Rada acquired semi-modern shoe making equipment for stitching, scouring, cutting and lasting. It also acquired several tools by leveraging the grant from Nile breweries. As a result, the company build capacity to make 100 pairs of shoes per day by close of 2017.


Today, the company is located in Bweyogerere Industrial Area and manufactures up to 500 pairs of shoes per day, with over 25 full time workers manufacturing several types of shoes (see products) with a focus on children shoes.  The company has so far invested UGX 511 million (138,000 USD), through leveraging debt, equity and grants.

Rada in 2014



Our passion is driven by children who miss, drop out, or cannot not complete school just because of a basic need in form of school shoes. We are compelled by the fact that;-

  • Children in rural areas walk a daily average of 6.5km bare footed.

  • 57% usually miss school,

  • 44% lose interest and drop out of school

  • 44% don’t complete P.7

  • Only 21.3% (of 8.6 million ) of school children have some form of footwear


We are leveling the education ground for the rural school going children!

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