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In these current times there is a mad rush everywhere, everyone is trying as hard and as fast as possible to get some thing done. This also translates to the gym where people want to go about the work-outs as fast as possible. While for the other aspects of life we leave to you to sort out, the gym area we can surely help you with.

Take your time, Fitness Junction isn’t just recommended by the fitness conscious community so more money can pinched off your sweat sessions, but it’s also crucial for you to get the most of your workouts and other sessions.

There is alot that goes into simple exercises such as the bench press which at times seems very obvious but many important aspects are ignored.


As we well know that Fitness Junction gives access to some of the best changing rooms in the country but spending too much time there before and after work outs is not the best idea at all. Going to the gym is a purposeful agenda and therefore must be treated as such, the motivation to reach your fitness goals starts in the changing and locker rooms therefore it should not be taken for granted.

WAITING AROUND FOR EQUIPMENT Fitness Junction is privileged to have the best equipment but also in quite impressive numbers so clients do not have to wait for equipment. However in such situation one should quickly find another piece of equipment that is not being used at that particular moment and make use of that. The idea is that you shouldn't waste time.

RELYING TOO MUCH ON THE WEIGHT MACHINES For every beginner especially, weight machines are a good point of departure, most of them want to get a feeling for these machines and are interested in hitting the heavy weights.

However from research we know that machines do not challenge the muscles as much and as potently as free weights do and they could promote bad technique if not properly monitored. Unlike popular thought that everything is achieved through machines, use free weights as well, they provide activation for muscles and promote more natural movement.

WARMING UP THE WRONG WAY Worming up should be done in conjunction to the area of the body tha you are working on that day. Spinning when you are going to do the chest is not the best of warmups. If it’s your chest day, then get the blood flowing in the chest area by doing the exercise you’re about to do either with bodyweight or lighter weights. Don’t unnecessarily brisk walk, as it’s important to warm up the body part you’re about to train, otherwise you’ll risk injuring yourself.

REPEATING THE SAME ROUTINE EVERY WEEK Are you getting quite comfortable in your work out routine? Chances are you’re getting zero benefits from your workout. Psychologists claim that muscles take six weeks to get used to a routine, and once that time is crossed, they’re not challenged to a greater extent. Keep changing your workout programme every six-eight weeks to observe constant progress. With the very knowledgeable instructors at Fitness Junction, they will be able to help you with this in the blink of an eye.

TAKING TOO MANY BREAKS BETWEEN SETS Every gym goer can testify that they are guilty of taking too many breaks between sets at a particular time. It can be to grab some water, change music on your phone or even taking selfies in the mirror.

These breaks between sets, if not timed efficiently, can slow down your metabolism and fat burning process. Time your rest breaks as per the training you’re doing on the day. This takes alot of discipline and determination.

SOCIALISING WITH FELLOW REGULARS Meanwhile it is very important to socialize and speak to other regulars at the gym, there is a point where it becomes unnecessary, remember the more chatting you do, the lesser time you’re spending on actually working out.


Many of the people that go to gyms get stuck with say machines or a particular workout technique, Fitness Junction has professional staff that are ready and willing to help you where you find difficulties and therefore you should put them to use. If not done correctly, some exercises can result into longtime injuries that are sometimes irreversible.

By Feni Desmond.

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