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By Feni Desmond

A gym is a place where people go to train and exercise, but also to relax, socialize, and refresh or reboot. Putting that in mind, a good gym is one that creates a good workout environment for physical activity, but with the COVID-19 times create a safe environment for clients. Despite a gym being an area for training and working out, there has to be emphasis on creating a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for recreation and socialization.

These are areas where Fitness Junction Gym and Spa has strengthened over the years giving it arguably the best gym in Kampala and Uganda status.

Looking above, we ask the question, what makes a great gym? The practicality and flexibility of its design and location, the quality of the equipment, the safety and comfort of the gym environment, the availability of modern amenities, the aesthetic appeal of the facility, the proper maintenance of the premises, the competence and friendly attitude of the staff members? All of these factors and many others contribute to the “greatness” of a gym, motivate people to exercise harder, and make them want to come back to the facility.

Fitness Junction Gym and Spa is located at Forest Mall Lugogo, a prime location, easily accessible. It is well designed with each space carefully crafted to fit its purpose and to give the clients the best experience.

The quality of the equipment is unrivalled as we have the latest equipment in the fitness market. Putting that aside, there are other amenities that make Fitness Junction the place to be, these include a Juice Bar & Healthy Foods, Steam & Sauna, Digital Keyless Lockers, Towels, Nutritional Counseling and BMI (Body Mass Index) Check-ups. We provide Spin Classes, ABs Class (6 pack class), Aerobics, Let loose (dance class), Boot Camps, Kids Ballet, Body Toning, Chopdaily Dance workout, Tuff girl Fitness

The gym has a very large space currently available which is capable to handle large numbers of people, but due to observance of COVID-19 SOP's the numbers working at a time have been reduced to create a safe working space.

The flooring at Fitness Junction Gym and Spa is very conducive for all sorts of exercises it is safe, attractive and can facilitate high performance training while providing all the comfort and right conditions. The floor is also resilient enough for weightlifting and aerobic exercises and provides superb shock absorption and cushioning to ensure the safety or clients.

After looking at the favorable environment that Fitness Junction Gym and Spa has (Motivating, Safe, high-performance and comfortable) , the next very crucial aspect is having the right equipment. The gym has a wide variety of fitness machines and exercise accessories and also enough of the popular machines like treadmills. These help clients achieve their goals with the right equipment quicker and more reliably.

It goes without saying that no matter how advanced and of high-quality the equipment is, cleanliness and maintenance is very crucial. All machines and other facilities like the restrooms and showers are cleaned and sanitized per single use. This means they are safe and reduces the chance of clients contracting disease but also the COVID-19 virus.

The staff at fitness Junction surely elevate the status of the gym quite greatly. They are friendly, helpful especially the attendants and gym instructors, but also are properly qualifies to handle their different areas of service. The staff is dedicated, knowledgeable and we have specialists in every field. The staff are always available at all times and always walk around to offer assistance with equipment and answer questions where need be.

These and many other unlisted qualities make Fitness Junction the place to be for all your fitness and training in Kampala. Signup today and reach your much coveted fitness goals.

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