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Feni Desmond

The first time you step foot into the gym can be a very daunting experience. Just as you enter, you realize those "potato like" built men making intimidating noises, dropping weights on the floor and better yet having those intense facial expressions . On the other hand are the beautiful slim ladies in very fantastic shape who seem to have a very good understanding of what to do. Its a very overwhelming proposition.

At this point we are now in the gym, for a first timer, one might be lost and unsure of which machine does what. then the question comes up, where do you start?

To feel more relaxed and calm, take a tour around the gym, look at everything that you can, where the juice bar is, the Sauna and steam, the Massage treatment area and locker rooms etc.

If possible and in budget, sign up with a personal trainer at the gym, this one on one coaching will enable you to get a proper understanding of equipment and the techniques used in the gym.

With the number of fitness instructors at Fitness Junction gym and Spa, you have the right people to orient you in how the gym operates and also how you can make the most out of it.

Since you're new to the gym, it's important to know a few key terms:

Reps/Repetitions: This is how many times you do the move. For example, you can do 12 bicep curls, that's a rep.

Set: This is the number of times you do that exercise. For example, you did 12 bicep curls, took a one-minute break, and then repeat the exercise. You just did two sets.

Work in: This is when you share a machine with someone. You do a set and the other person does his or her set. This is helpful when the gym gets busy. However due to the current situation with COVID-19, this not allowed.

However the equipment in the gym is able to serve the numbers as required at a time.

Don't get lazy, hit the gym today.

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