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Pan Medical Kampala is a medical facility around Kampala Uganda located along Naguru Drive, Plot 63A. It offers exceptional quality care to both Ugandan nationals and the international community.


Pan Medical Kampala is part of Pan group of companies which has been in operation since 1995 which comprises of Pan Dental Surgery operational at branches of Buganda Road, Naguru and Jinja; which have built a solid reputation as the best dental clinics anchored by their seasoned senior dentists. It also comprises of Pan Dental Supplies, Pan Dental Laboratory, Pan Medical Services, Pan Dental Academy, Pan Foundation and Pan Dental Café.

On site


Open 7 days

a week

Multiple payment options

Short waiting


No appointment needed



Pan Medical Kampala is geared towards the implementation of a holistic approach in health care. This means that we must enhance our mastery and skills with respect to Preventive Health Care and the unselfish provision of an interactive atmosphere that will help them in discovering the paramount importance of a proactive health care services.

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