Founded in May 2012, Stina Enterprises Ltd is a registered Ugandan poultry company offering high quality poultry, eggs and poultry farm equipment. We are a fully incorporated company, allowing us to give you superior poultry, straight from our farm to your table and enabling you to offer quality products to the market.




Initially the company limited its activities to the production and marketing of poultry eggs. Later it expanded the product range with poultry housing equipment including feeders, drinkers, cages to offer the complete range of products needed for efficient keeping of egg and meat type poultry


We strive to provide customers with a high quality product, along with an unequaled commitment to service. Every day we aim to give you the confidence that our entire staff is preparing in each order with consistent quality and delivering it in a timely manner.


At Stina, we only use the best poultry breeds that allow us to provide you with delicious and healthy eggs and chicken. Because your satisfaction comes first, out team also includes veterinarians, financial advisor, insurer and business advisor.



To deliver and enable the delivering of the healthy and quality poultry products with high quality poultry equipment at the best price in an easy, efficient, economical way.


  • Producing and marketing fresh shell eggs

  • Importing and selling of poultry equipment

  • Custom-made training courses in entrepreneurship development, business planning business management, access to finance, coaching/mentoring.

  • Poultry farming consultancy


To succeed in this business the Stina business:

  • Maintains Consistency and integrity

  • Delivers products promptly

  • Works with customers at a personal level



Stina farm is an agribusiness entity which works closely with small scale farmers. We have supported and promoted 15 farmers in Wakiso through marketing and distribution of eggs and also ensuring that they produce quality products.


We also partner with Hebei Baiyu Technology Co.Ltd, a Chinese Company that is a professional high- tech enterprise engaged in the design, production of large scale modern poultry equipment.





Our model is simple, we focus on farmers producing quality products, while we handle the marketing and distribution. We buy eggs from the farmers. We carry out farming as business trainings to assist farmers in developing their business and we also provide consultations to ensure that they use the right equipment for a purpose.