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We operate within a ‘no-nonsense’ company culture with an essentially flat management structure. This practical and direct way of working enables us to take rapid and flexible decisions and to act on evolutions in the market at just the right moment.



We are located on 4th Floor, Kanti Mansion, Plot 31, Kiira Road, Kamwokya right here in Kampala. We are well connected provide prompt services to all our clients in real-time all over all the major towns in Uganda and virtually connected to all points of the globe.


SkyNet is looking forward for a promising future to become the leading consulting firm not only by the volume of the turnover or the number of its experts and consultants but by providing distinguished level of quality and competency.


SkyNet Technologies aspires become a leading supplier of choice of high-value, competitively priced, Expert Consulting & ICT Solutions​, Networking (CISCO) - Home, Office & Business​​s, Website Designing & Hosting​, PC Installations & Support, Harddrive Back-up & ​Data Recovery, Hardware Repairs & Software Maintenance​, Computer Sales & Accessories and Computer Training.


  • Help the aspired organizations to achieve the desired objectives and goals.

  • Develop the local business environment and improve the performance.

  • Attract professional people.

  • Communicate with professional institutes and research centers around the world to import the new technologies and the best practices.

  • Contribute with the customers in settlement process of technology and expertise.


In all our dealings, we recognize the fact that the customer comes first and that satisfied customers will keep coming back with more business. We thus create a very personal relationship with our clients, making them a part of our decision making.


It is important to recognize that make our intangible resources, such as our ability to relate to customers regarding their needs and wants, management style, corporate culture and commitment.


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