'Trusted Advisor', that is what our clients refer to SkyNet Technologies. We are a well established Information & Communication Technology (ICT) company that offers expert and standard consultancy services to its well esteemed clients to help them achieve business success.

Secure IT Solutions

for a more secure



Cloud Computing

We develop software systems that are web based, meaning they can be accessed  from anywhere within or out of the enterprise.


We strive towards security, both software & hardware i.e. Data Backup & Recovery, CCTV Cameras, Software Development, etc.


We are all about compatibility, our systems are desktop, tablet & mobile based and are fully responsive and completely accessible.

2. Software Development

3. Secure Networking

Let's Talk Solutions...

We are all about delivering results. At SkyNet we believe that can only come through developing trust-based relationships, with people at all levels and from all disciplines. with our team which is of course, experienced, intelligent and capable, we help aspired organizations and bushiness to achieve the desired objectives and goals. ​We provide a wide range of services related in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) field form Expert Consulting & ICT Solutions to Computer Training; among others.

1. Web Designing & Hosting

"In all our dealings, we recognize the fact that the customer comes first and that satisfied customers will keep coming back with more business. We thus create a very personal relationship with our clients, making them a part of our decision making."

Brian Achaye - Director